Kelsey Montague, well-known in Nashville for the popular “butterfly wings” mural in The Gulch, has completed a new mural at Vertis Green Hills — the headquarters for Southern Land Company and home to a luxury apartment high rise in the heart of Green Hills.

The approximately 15×8-foot mural is of a tree with a swing, a motif that represents life, green spaces and Southern Land Company’s commitment to horticulture and inviting outdoor spaces.

“We have a wonderful courtyard and Plaza at Vertis where people often gather, and the tree mural seemed like a perfect fit for the spirit of the area,” said Tim Downey, CEO of Southern Land Company. “Kelsey is an amazing artist who is really admired here, and she did a wonderful job. We hope people enjoy it as much as we do.”

Kelsey Montague Unveils New Mural at Vertis Green Hills - Nashville  Lifestyles

The Vertis Green Hills apartment community is located at the corner of Hillsboro Pike and Richard Jones Road. Vertis also includes Southern Land Company’s headquarters, four restaurants, health and wellness retail outlets, and courtyards connecting the buildings. The new mural is located in the middle of the vibrant community.

On the mural are two hashtags, which are commonly used in these popular social media subjects: #WhatLiftsYou, Montague’s campaign to get people to share what inspires them in their lives, and #LiveVertis.

“I’m very excited to bring the ‘What Lifts You’ campaign to Vertis Green Hills,” said Montague. “The tree and the swing will give people a chance to interact with the art, and hopefully inspire people to share positive messages.

“We chose a tree because it’s whimsical and organic, and has a component of growth. That’s very much Nashville — it’s growing, there’s so much creativity and talent here. I wanted to capture that magic.”

Kelsey Montague Unveils New Mural at Vertis Green Hills - Nashville  Lifestyles

Southern Land Company has a deep commitment to horticulture in its communities across the country. Whether it’s greenspaces and parks, tree-lined streets, walking trails or a wide variety of flowers and native grasses, the company has won dozens of awards for the inclusion of these often overlooked features.

“Vertis is a unique property in a bustling urban environment, where trees, landscaping and outdoor spaces aren’t always utilized,” said Downey. “Just like our other properties around the US, we wanted to make sure they were part of Vertis and our headquarters. The mural brings a lot of these amenities together in a unique way. We’re considering putting murals in our other communities as well.”