We explored a slew of apps for children 2 and under and found 10 that we'd give to any toddler to try ... problem is, we still haven't gotten our iPhone back! Here are 10 terrific apps that will keep your sweetums occupied just a wee bit longer.


Bumblebee Touchbook by 3DAL, LLC

This app offers a fun way to help little ones learn to read. Narration of words and sentences along with animation makes a fun and educational way to fill your child's time with word recognition, counting and more. DOWNLOAD IT NOW from iTunes for $.99  

Busy Shapes by Edoki Academy

Your child can learn shapes, colors and sizes through puzzles. Children change out shapes and place them in the appropriate holes. DOWNLOAD IT NOW for $2.99  

Fish School HD by Duck Duck Moose

What child doesn't love pretty fishies? This sweet app introduces little ones to letters, numbers and shapes. Other activities help them learn about colors and counting up to 20. DOWNLOAD IT NOW from iTunes for $2.99  

Kapu Bloom Tunes by Kapu Toys

A cute app that lets kids paint and grow musical flowers. Parents can use the app to introduce kids to the musical scale and the concept of symmetry. Simple and easy to use. DOWNLOAD IT NOW from iTunes for $1.99  

Kidzongs by Stepworks

This simple sing-a-long app features six different songs, complete with an animated lyrics page, so children can pick what they want to sing along with. The music is cute and it works seamlessly. DOWNLOAD IT NOW for $.99  

Peekaboo Barn by Night & Day Studios, Inc.

A barn adventure that teaches the names and sounds of 16 barn animals in either English, Spanish, or 10 other languages (including Mandarin, French, and Italian). DOWNLOAD IT NOW from iTunes for $1.99

Toca Robot Lab by Toca Boca

An open-ended game where kids create their own robots from scraps and fly them around the lab. It has no text, only a big replay button to encourage players to keep playing. DOWNLOAD IT NOW from iTunes for $2.99

Toddler Flashcards (Free) by iTot Apps, LLC

Teach your child the names of animals, foods, objects, letters, and numbers using real pictures. Thirteen different languages are available. Flashcards are interactive using audio and animal sounds. DOWNLOAD IT NOW from iTunes for $1.99

Touch, Look, Listen — My First Words by StoryToys Entertainment

A 3D popup book that helps kids learn the names of frequently seen objects, colors, and numbers from 1 to 5. Kids can learn objects in two languages at the same time, thus the app is suitable for bilingual families. Available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. DOWNLOAD IT NOW from iTunes for $1.99  

Tozzle Lite by nodeflexion.com

Learning fun includes shape recognition and motor activity. Choose from 44 different puzzle pictures, complete with sound effects. DOWNLOAD IT NOW from iTunes for FREE