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May 30, 2024

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12 Ways for Kids To Celebrate Thanksgiving

Gathering together for Thanksgiving is a blessing. Deepen its meaning by starting a few traditions.

Thanksgiving is about celebrating thankfulness, but sometimes kids can get lost in the shuffle. Here are 10 ways for them to do Thanksgiving, too.

1. Make a thankful tree:

• Materials
Brown (for the trunk and branches), orange, red, and yellow paper (for the leaves).
Black marker

• How To Make
Out of the brown paper, cut out the trunk and branches of the tree and hang them on the wall. Out of the orange, red, and yellow paper, cut out leaves big enough to write on.
Give each person at your Thanksgiving an assortment of leaves and have him write one thing they are thankful for on each of the leaves then add the leaves to the tree.

2. Read about the first Thanksgiving.

3. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade & learn all about it.

4. Call out-of-state loved ones and friends.

5. Help set the table.

6. Go around the Thanksgiving table and have everyone say one thing they’re thankful for.

7. Dress up.

8. Look at old photo albums, looking back at all that’s happened.

9. Prepare a Thanksgiving craft for the kids to do

10. Read Lincoln’s “Proclamation of Thanksgiving” (or parts of it)- possibly out loud!

11. Wishbone wishes

Finding the wishbone in a turkey is a fun tradition many families do. Traditionally, after finding the wishbone, you wait a day or two until it’s dried out. Then, two people link their pinkies around the bone while making wishes. Both people pull at the wishbone and the person with the biggest bone has their wish come true. While this can still be done at any Thanksgiving table, another good idea is whoever finds the wishbone gets to have dessert first, pick the next vacation destination, etc…

 12. Make clean up fun

Thankfully, most guests will offer to help clean up after Thanksgiving or at least load the dishwasher (thank God for dishwashers!). Another way to have your kids contribute is by cleaning up. This can be, of course, turned into a game to make it fun but it’s just a great way to have everyone chip in and help after a long day.


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