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Baby Name Regrets Hit Parents Later

Give careful thought to three important things when it's naming a baby time. It will matter to your child one day!

A name is a name is a name, right? Well, not always. Sometimes people can get pretty wacky about it. Some even regret the name they chose for their baby later down the road. There's even a new study that reveals how loads of parents actually hate their child's name.

But we’ve got three simple ways to go about naming your baby based upon hundreds of suggestions at nameberry.com. If you're getting ready to bequeath a moniker on your offspring, read this first!

1. Don’t overtax your child

Your child will learn to write his name. Think of him gripping his pencil and trying to spell it for the very first time. For instance, the name Madison: spell it M-a-d-i-s-o-n. Don’t spell it M-a-d-d-e-h-z-u-h-n or something else. Furthermore, you may have serious feelings about gender-neutral names, but if you name your daughter Kevin, she’s going to spend a good deal of time clarifying her identify as she grows up. Is that what you want for your child?

2. Don’t overtax people

Don’t sign up your child for a lifetime of annoyance by giving him a name that’s impossible for others to pronounce … or spell. When naming a baby, think of all the teachers struggling during role call! Another point to make here: Don’t take your best-friend’s favorite girl name because she hasn’t had her daughter yet — find YOUR favorite name. Also, know that if you give your child a lengthy first name, people will try to shorten it, i.e. Elizabeth becomes Lizzy or Liza or Eliza or Beth, see? If you want to name your daughter Elizabeth, do it and then call her ELIZABETH!

3. It’s up to Mom and Dad

Everyone you know will pass judgement on the names you single out as favorites. If you don’t want to hear their opinions, don’t discuss names. Everyone will ask, “What are your top names?” Be careful here. You might say, “Eleanor!” and someone will respond, “Oh,” with no enthusiasm whatsoever, causing you to purse your lips. No matter what, leave the final name choice completely up to the parents, stand behind it and name your baby proudly!

Naming a Baby RESOURCES

Don't forget your family tree when dreaming up the perfect name for your child. Ask your parents and grandparents to think up all of the names they can recall going back through history. If you can't give your baby a family name, turn online:


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