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May 23, 2024

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5 DIY Products for Creative Makers

Kids love creative fun and to make their own jewelry, crafts, etc. Here are a few fun products to help them do just that!

A quick look around the kitchen table and the mess in front of you tells you that you have a little DIY-er on your hands. Whether it’s your daughter or your son, the idea of crafts is fun for all kids. There are many ways kids can explore creative fun as they make stuff all on their own.

Metal Jewelry Making

ImpressArt‘s breakthrough invention of precision milled tin-based alloy makes hand-stamped jewelry easy for even older or mature kids to do (with adult supervision that is). There are so many tools to help you create unique hand-stamped jewelry from rings, bracelets, charms and more. It takes a few tries to get a handle on the equipment, that’s why it’s a good idea to have Mom or Dad around to help out.

Metal Stamping Kit: $49.95

Older kids will enjoy this more so than younger ones. You can purchase a variety of stamps like letters, insects, animals, states and more. You can get as creative as you like with it, too. The more personal touches you put into the piece, the more special the piece becomes. You can make many gifts this way, too.

You can purchase all your ImpressArt kits and accessories at your local arts and crafts store like Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

Fantastic Plastic Charms

Creative ‘tweens can create a multitude of designs with the new CharMinis from RoseArt for ages 6 and older. The CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio comes complete with more than 100 charm pieces that you put together with only water! No messy glue to clean up — a plus for parents, right?

CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio: $24.99

After you’ve put your pieces together, add some sparkle to it with glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter? So, maybe there might be a little cleaning up … Either way, kids love to make charm bracelets to share with friends. After they’re dry, add them to the nylon cords to form your bracelet.

Holiday Card Making

Instead of construction paper and crayons, spruce up your homemade holiday cards with the new Gelli Arts Card Printing Kit for ages 8 and older. This kit is complete with all you need to make personalized cards. Not only that, but you can print on quilt squares and even fun fabrics to make patches for jeans, jean jackets and more.

Gelli Arts Card Printing Kit: $24.99

The kit includes a 5×5” Gelli Arts printing plate, Gelli Arts Premium Acrylic Paint (three colors in 1-ounce bottles), a 4” roller, five 5×5” blank cards, two foam sheets for creating stamps, 12 pieces of 5×5” parchment paper, bubble wrap, yarn and punchinella. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make cards using this kit, too. Just remember to use an apron or wear old clothes so you don’t ruin your good ones!

Crafting with Power!

Kids love to make stuff out of paper. Add a little light to it and their excitement for making things grows! That’s why the Flashy Flowers Kit for ages 6 and older by TechnoChic is super cool.

Flashy Flowers Kit, Blues: $24.99

Got about 10 minutes? This craft is easy to do for older kids and the kits include 42 pre-cut paper flowers, 10 LED’s, 10 batteries and 10 brooch pins and instructions. The step-by-step instructions show you how to put the flowers together and wire it so the LED’s light up using the battery. You can even add it to the brooch pin to use as a fashion accessory.

They have bow ties ($24.99) and light-up pop-up holiday card kits ($11.99), too!

That’s a Wrap!

When you’re all done with your DIY crafts and ready to gift them out, make your own box for them! Fiskars Gifting Board helps you create your very own boxes and bows with papers you pick out for that extra special touch.

Fiskars Gifting Board: $34.99

This really is meant for adults to use, but if you have a mature kid who really loves crafting tools, go ahead and show him how to use it. You can create custom envelopes, boxes and bows. However, boxes can be made in sizes 2×2″ up to 4×4″. So, ideally your gifts are to be small for these boxes. But, the envelopes would be great for making special ones after you’ve created them from the crafts listed above!




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