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July 24, 2024

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6 Incredible Giant Floats

Have the most epic time in the pool with these giant floats that everyone will be jealous of!

Make a dip in the pool a little more exciting with a new pool float. These five floats are sure to have everyone wanting to hop in and splash around.

NEW Giant Pool Floats to LOVE!

This new float inflates to 44x44x49 inches and is an inner tube with a shark mouth shade over the top. It’s also made with a durable vinyl for those rowdy kids in the pool. Kids will love splashing around pretending they're being eaten by a shark. The overhead provides a nice little shade, too. The valves, however, don't make it easy to deflate, so you'll want to make sure you have somewhere outside to keep it after use (it was hard to get through the front door). The kids also love how you can turn it on its side and hide in the mouth for a fun shark game in the pool. They even flipped it a little more to sit inside the head part. The inflated teeth are not as rough as they look, either. 

You’ll have your own little place to rest comfortably in the pool with this 113x76x65-inch float! There are two handles at the neck to allow a good grip, especially for kids playing around on it. It’s also made with 14 ga vinyl.

This soft-touch vinyl inflates to a big size of 78x43x40 inches. It also has a quick and easy inflation with a rapid, hands-free deflation. There are handles to hold on to as well, or you can just lay back and relax.


This float is more than six feet long — perfect for adults or more than one kid! It’s made with PVC.


It’s an oversized float that makes you feel like you’re on an air mattress floating on the water! You can even pick different comic book covers from super heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and more. Inflated, it’s 60x40x6.5 inches. It’s heavy duty construction makes it durable and you can easily deflate it with its quick-release valve.  

This 60-inch baseball is just the thing your little slugger would love to float on in the pool. He could probably get a team mate (or two) on there with him, too! The only thing about this giant float is how hard it is to inflate. While the valve keeps closed nice and tight to prevent air getting out, it proved to be difficult to get air in. Be prepared to find a straw to help keep it open as it's tiring to keep it pinched open yourself. Other than that, kids will love how easy it is to get on in the pool. You can even spin yourself round and round.

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