Help your kids to enjoy learning with these fun online newsy sites! Kid websites are designed with kids' mentalities in mind.

1. National Geographic Kids! The amazing magazine for adults has a kids’ site for learning about all kinds of cool stuff with amazing photography to boot. Kids can explore a virtual map, discover fun facts, play smart games and more. 2. DOGO News Lots of kids love current events, so why not let them delve into it? This kid-friendly site is perfect for curious youngsters with articles written specifically for them. 3. HowStuffWorks The perfect site for the kids who go beyond curious, wanting to know the hows and whys of every little thing. 4. KidsReads  Why not nurture your young reader? It's cool to read about new books coming out! 5. Science Bob Experiments, Q & As and lots more on this scientifically cool site for kids. 6. Starfall  Reading comes front and center but it's made super fun with games, songs and lots more. 7. Cool Math Games You don't have to be a mathlete to like this site (but you might become one!). Super fun, kids can enjoy strategy, logic, games galore and lots more.