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After Childbirth: Anderson Tells All

Local mom Robin Anderson tells it all in her book "What Really Happens After Childbirth." Her true-to-the-moment recounts offer insight to new or expecting moms.

We’ve heard the stories of new moms encountering things during their pregnancies that they were not clued in on beforehand. BUT … did you know there’s a ton of stuff no one tells you that happens AFTER childbirth? Well, neither did local mom of three, Robin Anderson. She voice recorded everything that happened AS it happened after her last delivery and tells it all in her book, What Really Happens After Childbirth.

Childbirth bookAnderson has a very funny and light way of sharing first-hand what to expect after the miracle of childbirth, and how to deal with the not-so-miraculous changes that ensue.

“Bringing this book to life has been my passion ever since my third child was born over four years ago,” Anderson said. “I was not prepared for what was in store for me and my body in the weeks following childbirth. I am sharing my story with hopes to help make other mom’s journey into the crazy wonderful world of motherhood a little easier. While each woman’s experience is unique, I want other moms to know they are not alone.”

Anderson was born and raised in Murfreesboro and now lives in the country in Milton with her husband, Ryan, and three kids ages 10, 6 and 4. “I absolutely loved listening to my own recordings as I was writing this book and hearing my thoughts at such a special time,” recalls Anderson. “However, I was completely weirded out when it was officially available. I’m so far beyond that point in my life, but it was a little strange knowing I had just put all my personal emotional and physical struggles on paper for everyone to see.” So, why did she do it?

Anderson’s goal is for new moms and moms-to-be to know that the transition is not always easy and that you’re not alone in any struggles you may experience. “It’s such a blur in our memory, but that time can be very hard as you are living it,” she adds.

You can order the book online for $14.99 at whatreallyhappens.com.

The cover of the book was also illustrated by local artist, Norris Hall.

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