krups coffee grinder KRUPS SPICE & COFFEE GRINDER F203 | $19.99 Brew the best coffee by grinding the beans yourself — it’s an exercise in aromatic pleasure — or have your older child do it for you. Keep your grinds in a cannister so it’s always at-the-ready. Grinds beans up in a snap. krups coffee maker KRUPS SAVOY 12-CUP THERMAL COFFEE MAKER ET351 | $99.99 Krups’ newest coffee maker features a thermal glass carafe to keep coffee warm for up to four hours. Set the timer the night before and wake to the delicious aroma wafting through your home. Get the kids off, then enjoy a moment at your kitchen table. krups egg cooker KRUPS EGG COOKER | $39.99 Breakfast is a breeze with this handy egg cooker that lets you boil up to seven eggs (using steam) without having to hover over the stove! Simply add the correct amount of water based on egg quantity, then wait for the beep. There’s a setting for soft-boiled eggs, too, and the cooker comes with two poaching trays. This gem makes for an easier morning routine with the kids. zerowater dispenser ZEROWATER 23-CUP DISPENSER | $39.99 Provide clean, fresh water for your kids’ water bottles with ease in the mornings. Fill this 23-cup pitcher beforehand and allow the five-layer filtration system to remove all dissolved solids from your tap water. Pitchers are available in different sizes, too, and prices vary. All pitchers are certified to reduce lead, mercury and chromium by the National Sanitation Foundation. This one comes with a laboratory-grade total dissolved solids meter so you can see the results for yourself. simply better bottles SIMPLY BETTER BOTTLES' FLIP & SIP | $8.99 This 24-ounce water bottle is perfect for kids to take to school. Fill up at home and your child’s ready to go. The straw top flips open and provides a more spill-proof drink. The inside straw goes all the way to the bottom to ensure he gets every last drop. There are many more styles to choose from (at varying prices) and they’re all made in the U.S.A. bumpit bowl BUMPIT BOWL | $14.95 No more crying over spilled Cheerios ... this clever invention keeps a bowl in place even when little hands want to knock it about. Special “lift points” help you remove the bowl. A snack insert makes the bowl even more versatile, and the handy lid lets you take it with you when traveling since it’s plastic. Watch a YouTube video by simply searching “bumpit bowl.” cool coolers ice packs COOL COOLERS ICE PACKS | $7.99 for a package of four Ultra slim so they don’t take up much room, these non-toxic cooler packs let you just toss one into your child’s lunch box. No more worrying about ham and cheese sandwiches sitting around too long. t-fal iron T-FAL POWERGLIDE STEAM IRON | $44.99 Ironing’s a chore, but it’s a lot less of a drag with this powerful iron that cranks out lots of steam to eradicate the wrinkles in your child’s clothes. The iron’s double-layer ceramic coating provides an easy glide across all fabrics, and a built-in calc collector traps loose mineral deposits, preventing build-up on the iron. The precision-point tip makes reaching into pleats and pressing collars a snap.

What’s for Dinner?

t-fal pressure cooker T-FAL ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER | $99.99 at Your school year morning routine is enough to handle, so make dinner planning easy with the T-fal Electric Pressure Cooker. It has a six-quart capacity and features a timer and 12 automatic functions including rice, oatmeal, reheat, soup, baking, slow cook, steam, simmer, brown, pressure cook, baby food and DIY. Throw in the ingredients and get back to helping your kids with their homework!