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Backyard Birthday Party Games

Easy games will have all the kids playing and having fun — that's what parties are all about!

When you plan a party at home or a birthday party in the park, you’ll need something for the kids to do. Many parents hire special party entertainers to keep the kids smiling during the shindig. Whatever the case, we’ve got all the info for your party planning needs. And, if you just want to add a little homegrown fun into the mix, here are a few backyard games you can play.


Backyard Games for All

  • Hula Hoop Contest – Hula hoop to some music and the last one still hooping wins.
  • Red Rover – Split the kids into two even groups. One at a time, a player from the opposite group tries to get through the line of the other team. If you can’t break through, you become part of that team. The side with the most players wins in the end wins.
  • Egg Walk – Kids try to walk as fast as they can to the other side with an egg on a spoon without dropping it.
  • Water Balloon Toss – Split the kids into pairs and have them toss a water balloon back and forth. Last pair standing with balloon not busted wins.
  • Three-legged Race – Split the kids into pairs. Tie the right leg of one player together with the left leg of the other player. They must walk/skip together to the finish line. The first pair to reach the finish line wins.
  • Biggest Bubble Contest – Can be done with bubble gum or just regular bubbles. Biggest one wins.
  • Four Square – You’ll need to draw lines on the ground to form a big square with four sections and grab a ball. Four players (one in each section) bounce a ball to each other at random. Don’t catch it! Just bounce it to another player. If you miss, you’re out.
  • Sack Race – Grab some old pillow cases, put a kid in each one and line ‘em up. First one hop across the finish line wins.

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