Nashville Ballet dancers Gerald Watson, Jon Upleger and Judson Veach are spearheading the brand new Nashville Ballet’s Young Men’s Scholarship Program to provide training for boys ages 6 - 18 of all experience levels. The three dancers will hold a public information session on Monday, Aug. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Nashville campus (3630 Redmon St.) to inform and to answer your questions. One scholarship will provide a full year's instruction tuition-free; merit scholarships will be awarded throughout upcoming years, and all-boy classes will allow for specific emphasis on the male technique. “We want to focus on the athleticism as well as the art of ballet,” Watson told Pointe magazine. The fall semester of classes launch Monday, Aug. 22 and continue through December 17. Spring semester begins January 16, 2017 and ends May 6. For the boys' program, Nashville Ballet will accept applicants on a rolling basis for the first year and dancers will be divided into four age-appropriate categories with 12 spots available in each division. LEVEL 1: Ages 6 - 8 (Recommended experience 0-2 years) • Meets twice a week LEVEL 2: Ages 8-10 (Recommended experience 2-4 years) • Meets twice a week LEVEL 3: Ages 10-13 (Recommended experience 4+ years) • Meets three times a week LEVEL 4: Ages 14+ (Recommended 4+ years) • Meets four times a week

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