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December 04, 2023

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Best Easter Egg Hunts for Mixed Ages

A no-tears Easter egg hunt is possible for a mixture of big and little kids!

How do you keep your Easter egg hunt fair for kids of all ages? Big kids will scoop up more eggs than they can hold leaving little ones with only a few if you don’t do it fairly. We’ve got good ideas for all-age hunts so everybody’s happy!

Tips for Better Egg Hunts with All Ages

  1. Make it a treasure hunt for big kids, giving them clues of where to find eggs, while the little kids are permitted to go where ever they like.
  2. Color coordinate eggs for kids of different ages, i.e. older kids can only go for the green or blue eggs sort of thing.
  3. Make floor trails with jumbo colored cotton balls (or something!) from your little kids’ bedroom doors to their Easter baskets. Have your older kids have to find their baskets on their own.
  4. Hide a couple of golden eggs with special treats inside. Make these eggs hard to find for the big kids and play the “Hot, Cold” game to help little ones find theirs.
  5. Hide eggs at higher ranges for older kids.
  6. Consider dividing your hunt area into different zones – the older kid zone and the little kid zone. That way, little kids won’t fuss when bigger kids run ahead and grab everything.
  7. If you hide your Easter baskets (some people don’t!), begin the hunt for the baskets by giving each child a list of different items to hunt down (three yellow eggs, a marshmallow Peep, etc.). When the list is completed, give one final clue that leads to the Easter basket.
  8. Always give your little kids a good head start on the hunt so big kids have to wait! Big kid legs are a lot longer and faster!

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