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July 17, 2024

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BNA Unveils New 40-Foot-Tall Monument

The Nashville International Airport recently unveiled its new BNA monument at the entrance of the airport, 1 Terminal Drive, off Interstate 40.

The 40-foot-tall monument showcases Nashvilleโ€™s airport code, BNA, which stands for Berry Field Nashville in honor of Colonel Harry S. Berry, the airportโ€™s first administrator. The monument will be lit at sunset every day, illuminating the entrance to BNA, shining bright with familiar blue and yellow brand colors.


โ€œAs we celebrate a record-breaking fiscal year in 2022 with 18.4 million passengers, itโ€™s important to have a front entrance that commands attention and welcomes our passengers every day,โ€ said Doug Kreulen, president and CEO of BNA. โ€œNashville is known for its skyline and iconic identifiers. Over the past several years, our airport code, BNA, has become recognizable to both passengers and visitors alike and celebrates our history. Now, weโ€™re thrilled to have a monument with a familiar identifier that embraces passengers the moment you enter our grounds.โ€

BNA Expansion Plans

In 2016, BNA unveiled BNAยฎ Vision, a $1.5 billion comprehensive expansion plan designed to enable Nashville International Airport (BNA) to accommodate the regionโ€™s booming population growth and meet the needs of the airportโ€™s record-breaking passenger numbers. BNA Vision will be complete in late 2023 and include the opening of the airportโ€™s first hotel.

This year, BNA launched the New Horizon, a $1.4 billion improvement and expansion plan for two concourses, a new air freight building, terminal roadway improvements, and additional upgrades to further enhance the traveler experience. New Horizon is expected to be complete in late 2028.

More than 50,000 passengers fly in and out of the BNA each day. For more information, visit the BNA website here.


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