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June 23, 2024

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Ballet, Tap, Jazz and More! Bust A Move at Boost Dance

The newly opened studio in Nashville offers a broad dance education to all children ages 3 & up in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern and more.

There's a new studio in town for those kids who like to move!

Boost Dance Academy is located at 11 Vaughns Gap Rd (across from Pery Warner Park in Nashville) and under the same management as Boost Gymnastics. And boy, do they have plenty of classes choose from:


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(Mommy/Daddy/Nanny/Guardian & Me)

A creative movement class suitable for ages 12 to 24 months. Perfect for the little one who still needs a little more time before separating from their caregiver. Caregivers participate actively in the class as children learn basic dance steps and terminology through songs, stories, and play. This class will build their self-confidence to help them blossom into beautiful dancers!

Check class schedule and availability here.




We provide classes for students ages 3+. Our Pre-Ballet program is designed to teach Ballet basics plus discipline, other hand eye coordination and motor skills to each student in a fun, energetic and relaxed atmosphere. The beginner’s level is where we start focusing on the vocabulary, proper body shapes and body awareness. Intermediate levels are where we begin to incorporate the basic movements/steps into combinations and developing into stronger dancers. At these levels we also focus on dancer health, dance history and beginning choreography. The advanced level of our program is an intense focus on technique, combinations, stamina and strength.

Check class schedule and availability here.




We offer beginner through advanced level Modern classes. Modern is an expressive form of dance in which we explore the movement of the body and expression of emotion through dance and the elements around us. By not teaching one specific modern technique, our focus is to educate our students on multiple professional techniques, the history of Modern dance, encourage students to express their own creativity, and grow their movement vocabulary through the use of improvisation.

Check class schedule and availability here.




Hip-Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to Hip-Hop music. This type of dance has evolved as part of Hip Hop culture. Most new Hip-Hop styles have infused urban party dancing with studio technique. They involve a lot of footwork, radical movement and emphasis placed on musicality. Freestyle (improvise) is still very important with every style of Hip-Hop. Traditionally Hip-Hop dance, or any form of the Street Dance, is not performed to counts, as these styles were created on the street rather in a studio setting. With the new styles, counting is sometimes used in class. We will also incorporate Hip-Hop dance history in all of our Hip-Hop classes.

Check class schedule and availability here.




Tap is a form of dance using the shoe, as well as the floor, as a percussive instrument. Students will learn both Rhythm Tap (focused more on music and rhythms) and Broadway Tap (focused more on dance), as well as musicality, improvisation and timing.

Check class schedule and availability here.




Acro-Dance is a fusion of artistic motion, technique of dance, and the athleticism of acrobatics. It is important to note that Acro-Dance is not the same as Gymnastics. There is much need to teach Acro skills differently than Gymnastic skills. Dance training is essential for Acro-Dance. In Gymnastics training, dance is secondary, but in Acro-Dance, skills are expected to seamlessly incorporated in dance. This is why we require students take either Ballet, Jazz or Modern in addition to Acro-Dance. This style of dance is performed on a hard floor without mats, (mats are used in training the skill, but to be performed without) while gymnasts have the advantage of a spring floor giving more cushion on landings and height for more complex tumbling. Due to the importance of flexibility for Acro-Dance, these classes will include strength and flexibility drills to allow our students to perform skills safely and correctly.

Check class schedule and availability here.




This class introduces the basic steps of Ballet, Tap and Jazz styles. This combination class is half Ballet and half Jazz or Tap, rotating weekly. This class is suitable for ages 5-7 years old. Shoes for all three disciplines are REQUIRED.

Check class schedule and availability here.




This class will focus on a variety of Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern and Musical Theater, learning a different style weekly.

Check class schedule and availability here.




Jazz is a rhythmic and upbeat style of dance. It focuses on isolations of the body, proper alignment, leaps, turns, and rhythmic aspects of dancing. We range in style of Classical Jazz, Musical Theater Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Commercial Jazz, and Jazz Funk.

Check class schedule and availability here.




Traditional folk dance focused on rhythm with double tapped shoes.

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MELT is a revolutionary self-care treatment designed by New York manual therapist Sue Hitzman to strengthen the upper respiratory system, boost the immune system, as well as manage or even eliminate chronic aches and pains brought on by aging, daily repetitive movement and stress. Regular MELTing is one of the best defenses against Covid and other airborne illnesses.

Check class schedule and availability here.


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In our High Heel class, you’ll learn and practice how to dance in heels like Beyonce, Ciara, and J. LO. However, it’s important to note that Heels are optional and you can learn in sneakers as well. The choreography taught in the heels classes will focus on technique, lines, floor work and hair whips! No experience required. Please refrain from wearing stiletto heels with a thin heel, for stability and to not pierce the floor.

Check class schedule and availability here.




Musical Theatre class will focus on learning proper dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.

Check class schedule and availability here.



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