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July 23, 2024

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Bring Solid Foods to the Table for Baby

Just because he's little, doesn't mean he can't eat what you make for yourself. These Dr. Brown products help make it easy.

Once your dinner has been made, take a little to the side for Baby. Start him off on solids by using freshly prepared foods with the help of Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish Solid Feeding line.

When it’s time to PREPARE, the Blender and Food Masher make it simple and easy.

β€’ The Blender ($39.99) is great for at-home food preparations and the Food Masher ($6.99) is perfect for on-the-go. So, if you’re at a restaurant, you can put some in the food masher and mash it to the right consistency for Baby.

After Baby’s done eating, it’s time for STORAGE. Don’t let that yummy food go to waist, Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish line also includes Food Storage Pods & Stackable Freezer Trays, My Dots Labels and Snack & Dipping Cups. Just be sure to use the food within the right amount of time.

β€’ After Baby’s done eating, grab a Food Storage Pod & Stackable Freezer Tray. This group of six flexible pods store up to three ounces of food each and can sit with the accompanying Stackable Freezer Tray so that they are not being knocked all around the freezer. $19.99

β€’ The My Dots Labels are great for keeping track of when you put something in the fridge, because we know it’s hard enough to keep track of adult food, right? ($4.99 for 72-count)
β€’ The four-pack Snack & Dipping Cups are great for taking yummy treats while out and about. The twist on lids provide spill proof storage for fruit, dipping sauces, yogurt and more. $11.99

Now that Baby’s eating solid foods, let him explore his own utensils and help him learn how to feed himself. This line also includes a SERVING category with Feeding Bowls, Divided Plates and Long Spatula Spoons.

β€’ The Feeding Bowls come as a pair and are a little deeper and have a non-skid base. Because, you know Baby will try to scoot his bowl around and make the biggest possible mess. LOL. This, however, will not prevent him from just picking it up and hauling it across the room. Nope. I have witnessed this many a time. $5.99
β€’ Divided Plates are great for portioning off his food. The plates are a set of two, have a non-skid base and each section allows for just the right amount of food for your toddler. The crevices also help for easy scooping up of the food. $10.99
β€’ The Long Spatula Spoons are perfect for little ones just learning how to use utensils. Ever notice how Baby just can’t get his lips down into a regular spoon? There is almost always some food left on the spoon because he hasn’t quite learned how to form his lips around it. These spoons eliminate this by having a flat end β€” which is also great for scooping up the food from his cheeks. These spoons are also longer, making it easier for Mom or Dad to get to the food at the bottom of bigger jars easier. Comes as a pack of four. $5.99

Learn more about Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish line at Prices vary depending on online or in-store purchase.

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