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June 18, 2024

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Photo: Riverview Camp for Girls, located in Mentone, Alabama

Summer Camp Quiz: Discover What’s Best for Your Kids

Not sure which camps are right for your kids? Take our summer camp quiz to find out!

When you were a kid, life may have been simpler. You may have just hung around the house during the summer and played with neighborhood friends or maybe you attended a local day camp near your home.
    Today there are camps for everything you can imagine. It can be confusing — even stressful — trying to find the right camp for your kid. Sometimes it’s important to choose different camps for each of your kids based on their individual interests. Finding the right camp is essential for your child’s comfort and growth. Camps offer kids experiences and tools to go out into the world to discover who they are and what they want to become. And a kid can only truly grow when they’re given the freedom and chance to gain confidence by exploring new ideas and activities, and eventually finding their passion. Take our summer camp quiz to discover what’s best for your kids.

Take the Summer Camp Quiz & Match to a Camp

One of the most important aspects of choosing a camp is to involve your child in the decision-making process. Allowing them a voice in choosing the type of camp they’d like to attend.

Performing Arts Camps

Specialty art and musical theater camps focus specifically on the arts. Some may offer a variety of art forms to choose from, such as pottery, woodworking, painting and photography. Others focus solely on one type of art, such as sewing camp or band camp. Musical theater camps are quite popular and typically showcase a production after a few weeks of rehearsals. Art camps come in all lengths and locations. You can sign your child up for a one-week-long art camp at your local recreational center or find multi-week overnight art camps where they can truly hone their craft. 

Sports Camps

Sports camps usually consist of one or multiple sports that a child plays throughout the day. The main goal is for participants to improve their skills by focusing extensively on a sport they love. Depending on where you live, you can find all types of sports camps like tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, lacrosse or gymnastics. It is also a way for your child to try a new sport or something only offered during the summer, such as surfing and sailing.

Science/Tech Camps

If your child loves to code, build and tinker, then a tech camp may be the right fit. These types of camps make learning about science and technology fun and exciting for kids. They also provide an opportunity for kids to dive deeper into a subject they love, such as working on a science experiment, designing a website or programming a robot. You can find science and tech camps through local businesses, colleges and museums. 

 Traditional Camps

 Traditional camps are what you think of when you envision summer camp — canoeing, hiking, archery, relay races, swim lessons and crafts. If your child enjoys exploring and experiencing new things and has not yet found one specific activity that they are passionate about, then a traditional camp is a wonderful choice. They are very common and can be found all over. Some are day camps, while others are overnight experiences where your kids can also learn more independence skills. Overnight camps also offer a more rustic, outdoorsy experience with campouts, cabins, campfires and activities on the lake.




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