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Candy Hearts Decoration

We love those conversation candy hearts and this is an easy Valentine's Day craft to make with your kids.

We’ve done the salt dough ornaments time and time again, but I learned to love the one that uses corn starch and baking powder instead. The end result is whiter and looks a lot nicer. Everyone loves the conversational candy hearts, so why not make some that are NOT edible and can be used as a decoration? Just use the recipe can be found on a past post (Ornamental Snails) for this Valentine’s Day craft. The only difference is that after you’ve made your dough, knead in a few drops of food coloring to give it color. Roll out your dough to about a quarter of an inch — any larger and we noticed that they easily cracked as they dried. Use heart cookie cutters to cut out several hearts. Allow them to dry. Once completely dried out, you can use a pink highlighter to write in your message.


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