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June 13, 2024

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Valentine's Day with your baby

Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s Day in Style!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your baby with these fun and easy ideas.

Document your love for your little one by celebrating Valentine’s Day with your baby. These keepsakes can be used over and over, too. You don’t need a lot of experience to do any of them either. Just a little time and creativity is all you need.

Fancy Attire

A cute way to dress up a nice pair of leggings and Onesie is with a homemade tutu. All you need is some white, pink and red tulle fabric. You can find it in small rolls at your local craft supply store like JoAnn’s. While you’re there, get a roll of ribbon, too. Cut strips of tulle to fold over; this will be the length you want for the tutu. You’ll need a lot of strips. Cut a long piece of ribbon, too. Long enough to have some left over at the end to tie a bow with. Then start tying the tulle strips at the middle of the strip onto the ribbon of your choice. Keep doing this until you have enough that will go around your child’s waist. You can make the tutu short to show off the leggings, too. Once you’re done, you simply wrap the tutu around Baby’s waist and tie into a bow.

Get Crafty

Let your creative side go wild with fun ideas for capturing your baby’s footprints and handprints. Hobby Lobby usually has packs of affordable canvas. All you need is one of those in addition to non-toxic paints, a paint brush and a Sharpie in the color of your choice. This craft is better if Baby is asleep, or very young, so you don’t have a wiggle worm on your hands. Paint your baby’s foot with the paint and gently press to the canvas. Do one foot at a time and have wipes on hand to quickly clean it off. Allow prints to dry before you write anything on the rest of the canvas. You can even do this on a white plate! Pitter Patter Print is an Etsy shop where you can submit your baby’s footprints to be used in a work of art. There are a variety to choose from, too. Check out the Valentine’s Day Gift for New Dad (; $20 – $32). It’s an 8×10-inch unframed print on paper. It’s $32 if you use your baby’s custom prints, but you can also use stock footprints for $20.

Fun Accessories

You don’t have to go all out on the outfit if you don’t want to. Simple accessories can do the trick. You can find cute baby bibs or even pacifiers to do the trick.

Selfie Time

With all the love you’ve put into sharing this special day with your little one, be sure to capture it! Create a mini photo session right in your living room floor! Cut out some hearts from felt and lay them about. Lie your little one down on the floor and snap away! While you’re in the picture-taking mood, consider using photo cards to say what the photo is all about.



Making Valentine’s Day Memories with Kids

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