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May 24, 2024

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Cool Sleds for Downhill Fun

We shopped around and found cool sleds and saucers — all for under $50!

Shred Time 3D Molded
Airhead | | $49.99
This sled for one to two riders has a raised wall to keep the kids in and a Slick HDPE Straight Tracking Bottom for speed. Product design may vary.

Plastic Snow Sled
EMSCO Group | | $5.98 at
This snow disc has a smooth, polished bottom for fast sledding and easy gliding over the snow — features molded-in grip handles, too. Available in a variety of colors.

Triangle Inflatable Snow Tube
EMSCO Group | | $25.97 at
Kids can sit in the center seat of this inflatable sled and hang onto the two heavy grip handles on this super durable vinyl snow tube made with an anti-freeze additive to keep it flexible. Doesn’t hurt that it adds some extra cushion, too. Product design varies.

Toddler Pull Sled
Lucky Bums | | $49.99
This durable sled is wide for stability, has a strap for safety and a raised foot support to keep your toddler’s boots out of the snow. The extended pull rope allows for ease of use while navigating the snow. Recommended for ages 3 and younger or up to 40 pounds. Available in a variety of colors.

Racer Sled
Lucky Bums| | $49.99
Your child can pull this sled to the top of the hill and hit the slopes with speed! The sure-grip steering wheel and wide track center ski helps him turn, and the built-in handbrakes helps control speed. Recommended for ages 6 and younger or up to 100 pounds. Available in a variety of colors.

Roll It Up
Airhead | | $5.99
This slick-bottomed sled conveniently rolls up and makes it easy for carrying and storing. The cutout handle grips give you something to hold on to while speeding down the hill.

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