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April 25, 2024

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Crafting Christmas

With YOUR help, kids of all ages can work a little holiday crafting magic.

There’s nothing better than pulling out all of the old hand-made Christmas ornaments my siblings and I made over the years. As each one comes out of the box, a memory unfolds. Stories are retold — and we laugh at how silly some look. Create memories with your kids this year by getting crafty. Store everything you make, so you too can pull them out year after year. You’ll be surprised at how happy it makes your family feel. Here are a few crafts my kids and I made this year that are now part of our growing collection.

Rustic Sleigh Door Hanger

Get the jumbo popsicle sticks for this beauty. It requires a bit of hot glue, so parental supervision is needed. Supplies 11 jumbo popsicle sticks 12-inch strip of twine Paint (red, brown and silver/white) Stencil paint brush/sponge Stencil Hot Glue Directions 1. Line up six of the popsicle sticks side by side with the middle two up higher than the outer ones and so on. 2. Squeeze out a horizontal line of hot glue across all six sticks near the top and quickly press another popsicle stick over it. 3. Squeeze another line of hot glue along the bottom for another popsicle stick. 4. Put a vertical strip of hot glue on the horizontal popsicle stick near the top of the first stick and then again on the second horizontal stick to affix the sleigh “foot.” Repeat this step for the opposite side for the other “foot.” Be sure these feet stick out past the top of your sleigh. 5. Flip it over and hot glue another horizontal stick across the two feet sticking out of the top. 6. Hot glue your strip of twine to the underside of the sleigh next to the top of the feet. 7. Water down your red paint (this allows the wood grain to show through) and paint the entire sleigh. 8. Do the same with the brown to paint the feet. 9. Once dry, stencil on a tree or whatever else you’d like, using white or silver paint.

Melted Crayon Ornament

This requires the heat from a hair dryer and the glass ornament will get hot, so you should do that part. The kids will love picking out crayon colors and tearing off the paper. Supplies Clear glass ornament Broken crayons Hair dryer Cotton gloves Directions 1. Take the top off your clear glass ornament and drop in a few chunks of broken crayons. 2. Put on your gloves, turn on the hair dryer and point it at the ornament while holding it at the top. 3. Slowly turn the ornament as the crayon chunks melt. 4. Once the inside is covered, stand the ornament upright to cool. 5. Replace the top.

Mini Burlap Pillow Ornament

Burlap is everywhere because it adds country flair to holiday decor. Here’s an easy mini pillow to hang on your tree. Supplies Burlap Used dryer sheets Twine/ribbon Hot glue Paint/permanent marker Stencils/stamps Directions 1. Cut two four-inch squares out of your burlap. 2. Lay one side down and place your twine/ribbon at the top as a loop going outward. 3. Hot glue the edges together all the way around, but leave a small opening on one side. Careful: The hot glue will seep through the cracks of the burlap. 4. Stuff it with used dryer sheets, unless you have cotton lying around. 5. Glue the final edge shut. 6. Stencil, stamp or draw on your design.

Scented Felt Tree Ornament

Add a burst of aroma to your holiday decor with this festive little tree. Supplies Felt of any color Scissors Hot glue Non-waxy scent filler (like potpourri) Paint of any color 4-inch strip of twine Popsicle stick Directions 1. Cut out two felt triangles of the same size. 2. Place one side down and lay the twine on it at the top corner as a loop going outward. 3. Place the other piece of felt on top and hot glue the edges all the way around except where the popsicle stick will be inserted. 4. Stuff the triangle with scent filler. 5. Insert the popsicle stick and hot glue the edges of the triangle to it. 6. Paint any sort of pattern onto the tree.  

Laminated Stained Glass

Create your own version of stained glass art with laminated sheets of tissue. With a personal Mead 9.5-inch HeatSeal Thermal Laminator (get yours for $18.79 at, you can create endless holiday crafts. The laminator heats up in three minutes and is super easy to use. It even comes with a 50-pack of thermal lamination pouches. Supplies Festive tissue Scissors Mini frame Black Sharpie Mead 9.5” HeatSeal Thermal Laminator Thermal lamination pouches Directions 1. Follow instructions to laminate your tissue paper using your personal laminator. 2. Once a piece of tissue is laminated and cooled, cut it to the size to fit your mini frame. 3. Use a Sharpie to draw on any design or words you like. 4. Insert into the frame and hang in the window.

Felt Trees on Sticks

Create your own little forest of trees to adorn your dining table centerpiece. Supplies Felt of any color Scissors Hot glue 12” dowel rod (1 per tree) 1/2” pom poms Directions 1. Cut five Christmas tree shapes of the exact same size out of your felt. 2. Fold one in half, put a line of glue on the folded edge and press vertically to the dowel. 3. Repeat step two until you’ve gone all the way around the stick with your cut-out trees. 4. Hot glue your pom poms to the tips of the “branches.” 5. Place your felt trees into any centerpiece with a foam bottom.

Mini Wood Sign Ornament

All those big, wood DIY projects are popular, so why not make a mini version as an ornament? Supplies 7 jumbo popsicle sticks Strip of twine Paint (brown and white) Paintbrushes Stencil Hot glue Wire cutters Directions 1. Line up five popsicle sticks side by side. 2. Place a strip of hot glue horizontally across all of them near the top and quickly press another popsicle stick onto the glue. 3. Repeat step two but near the bottom. 4. Using wire cutters, cut the excess off of the two horizontal popsicle sticks. 5. Water down the brown paint and paint the entire piece; allow to dry. 6. Stencil on a design with the white paint. 7. Hot glue the twine to the back, so it can hang on your tree.

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