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Create an Easter Tree

Start a fun, new family tradition that's festive and decorative!

The egg is an ancient symbol of life all over the world — what a wonderful reason for decorating an Easter egg tree! The history of Easter egg trees come from a centuries-old German tradition in which eggs are hung on branches of outdoor trees and bushes. But your family can bring the festive decoration inside.

Since Easter Trees are a thing, why not get out your artificial Christmas tree and get crafty. Use plastic eggs, colorful ribbon and a hot-glue gun (supervise the hot gluing, of course). Use supplies on hand to cut out egg shapes from construction paper and decorate them with glitter, googly eyes, etc. Go crazy with it! Get a box of Fruit Loops and a bundle of yarn so the kids can create garland.

Don't have an artifical tree? No sweat. Have the kids search the backyard for sticks and small branches that you can place in a vase. String the Fruit Loop garland, hang the eggs, and for an extra touch you can hot-glue jelly beans to the branches.

Of course, for thousands of ideas, head to Pinterest and search "Easter Tree Decorating Ideas."

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