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Abundant Kids ROCK! is a Best-Selling book about Teaching Kids Positive Thinking and Success Mindsets. Even Jack Canfield (author Chicken Soup for the Soul and 250 other books) is tweeting about it! Abundant Kids ROCK, written by psychologist mom and her 10-year old twins, delivers several easy solutions for creating the joyful life you want. Reading, writing, math (even art and music) are a stable part of a child’s education. What’s missing are the skills and strategies kids need for a healthy mental, emotional and social life… an Abundant life. The beautiful, 19 chapter, full-color book offers children and families practical tools for positive thinking, immediately useful for creating successful mindsets that lead to lives full of joy, health, resilience and strong relationships. For young kids through teenagers and any adults who want the secret to creating more happiness. Makes a GREAT gift!

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