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Baby Cakes Baking Camps and Classes


No one likes to play with their food better than we do! Our trained instructors have taught thousands of students ages 3 and up over the years. From cupcake classes to cookie classes and buttercream basics, we keep a full calendar of sweet fun to help inspire you on your baking journey!

In our hands-on bakery classes, you will learn our tips and tricks to help you feel comfortable and confident when you leave to begin creating on your own.

A unique feature about our bakery is that we use your favorite beverage to make some of our desserts even more delicious! One of the best things about baking with an alcoholic beverage is that it can be used as a substitute for extracts and other flavors.

If you want to perfect your baking skills, there's no better place to start than with baking classes at BabyCake's Bakery. Whether you prefer brownies, cookies, cakes or pastry, there's a professional baking class to suit your needs. All classes are guided by talented local chefs who will teach you all you need to know about preparing gourmet baked goods in the comfort of your home.


Summer is coming, and you have the opportunity to invest in your child's future. Imagine, when they're older, seeing their grin as they present you with their very own baked good, crafted by their own little hands. What better way to spend the summer than learning about one of our favorite past-times? Join us for a fun day out of the house that will change their lives!
Babycake’s Summer Camp is a hands-on enrichment program that aims to educate and grow the interest of our future chefs. This program will challenge kids in a fun and exciting way. We offer all-day programs for ages 3-13, as well as a 14-17 advanced baking program for those who are genuinely passionate about their profession.

Your little chef will have the chance to travel the world through sweets as they make their way from cupcakes to cakes. We'll also cover traditional baking dishes and age-appropriate kitchen equipment. They will take home their creations at the end of each session.

Our cooking classes will help participants perfect their kitchen skills. We emphasize the importance of being able to comprehend and execute recipes, measuring ingredients accurately, and staying organized at all times. Additionally, we have options for attendees with dietary restrictions that include vegetarianism, food allergies, or aversions - as long as you inform us ahead of time.

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