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Bach to Rock, Mt. Juliet

Rock City Birthday Party

Who: Ages 4 - 6
Party length is 90 minutes.

What: This action-packed Bach to Rock party allows the children to explore rock 'n' roll instruments up close, and see for themselves how music is made on keyboards, drums and guitars. They'll also learn simple musical rhythms - quarter notes, eighth notes, quarter rests - and enjoy putting their new-found musical skills into action during a live drum circle! They will have an opportunity to eat cake and celebrate during the second-half of the party, with B2R goody bags given out at the end!

We provide the Early Childhood Specialist as well as the music, instruments, tables and chairs, and a goody bag for each child.


Karaoke Birthday Party

Who: Ages 6+
Party length is 90 minutes.

What: Bach to Rock’s Karaoke Birthday Party is the perfect party for kids and adults eager to become a rock star for a day! Designed for ages 6 to adult (the only prerequisite is they must know how to read), the first step is for the birthday guest of honor to select a song from B2R’s birthday party song list that includes current pop hits (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran) and classic rock gems (Beatles, Journey).

With the help of B2R’s sound engineer, the guests will record the song in our professional recording studio! At the end of the party, every guest receives a B2R goody bag filled with treats and the CD of their recording; the birthday guest also receives a T-shirt! Thirty minutes of the party also includes usage of B2R’s birthday party room for any food you would like to bring, as well as presents.



A drum set inside Bach to Rock, Mt. Juliet

Star Birthday Party

Who: Ages 7+
A two-hour jam/recording session where the birthday boy or girl becomes a Star.

Everybody learns to sing or play a song on keyboard, guitar, bass, drums or other rhythm instruments and everyone leaves with a CD of the Birthday Band, recorded and engineered in our state-of-the-art studio.

We provide a Bach to Rock Party Director and an Audio Technician/Music Director, all instruments (partygoers may also bring their own instruments), a party room for refreshments and opening presents, a special B2R Party Pack for all the participants and a CD of the partygoers' performance for each participant.


For all of our parties: Food, drink and paper products not supplied by B2R.

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