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Let Blessed Beginnings support you and your new baby!

What can be more exciting, or more overwhelming than bringing a new baby into the world? Often times, the journey of bringing your little one home comes with lots of questions. You’re learning to balance life with a newborn, and no matter whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, you are going to need support! Blessed Beginnings team of board-certified lactation consultants and nurses are available to help support you in your journey. Ideally, you will meet with your lactation consultant in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, so you have a good idea of what happens with feedings in the first 3 days after delivery. Once you are home from the hospital, they meet you in the comfort and privacy of your own home to work through any early challenges you may have so that feedings get off to the best start possible. They work with you to customize a plan that works best for mama and baby!

Blessed Beginnings Team takes great pride in being experts in the field of lactation, with top-notch clinical skills to help you identify and solve any issues that may arise - from the most basic question to the more complex, complicated issues. They take the guess work out of figuring out what will help you and your baby accomplish your feeding goals.

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to breastfeeding questions! Having a lactation consultant that is able to help you work through common breastfeeding challenges in the early days is crucial. Once feedings are well-established, they provide on-going support with returning to work, pumping and bottle introduction, and starting solids while balancing breastfeeding.

Their free monthly feeding support groups in Franklin and Columbia also provide a way for moms to connect with other moms, to foster support and community with those in the same season of life. Infant CPR & Choking classes are also offered monthly to equip parents with essential skills that help them feel confident.

Blessed Beginnings Team is a must for all new & soon-to-be parents. Their lactation services are covered by most major insurance companies with little-to-no-cost for families. You can visit their website at to complete their insurance verification form and get started on your partnership with them today!

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