11 Vaughns Gap Road, Nashville, TN, USA

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Boost Gymnastics

Conveniently located in the Belle Meade area of Nashville, BOOST Gymnastics & BOOST Dance Academy provide high-quality gymnastics instruction and dance classes and programs for children of all ages. We offer your child the best available learning experience in the safe, healthy, and fun atmosphere of the spacious BOOST campus, a multi-purpose facility that is unique in Nashville. We set the stage for our students to absorb all the enriching, long-term benefits these activities have to offer, including self-confidence, team building and improved fitness, as we help prepare them for success for years to come.

At BOOST Gymnastics, our popular After School BOOST sessions also create opportunities for improvement for all students in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains of learning. A big part of that is ensuring an upbeat and encouraging learning environment that ultimately helps your child develop tools for the road ahead. Led by our exceptional, hand-picked staff, students from kindergarten through fourth grade participate in carefully chosen, holistic activities to stay active, healthy, motivated, and on-track with their school work.

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