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Camp Woodmont

Welcome to camp Woodmont

Camp Woodmont is a traditional overnight summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-15.

We are located on 170 acres of beautiful North Georgia woodlands on top of Lookout Mountain (approximately 2 hours North of Atlanta and 30 minutes South of Chattanooga, Tennessee).

Our summer camp experience provides cabin living, cool evenings around the campfire, creative counselors, new friends, talent/skit nights, and a close family-like atmosphere. Staff to camper ratio averages 1:5.

Our program features traditional summer-camp activities with an emphasis on nature, outdoor adventure, horseback riding, noncompetitive sports, and more. The nondenominational Christian atmosphere is appropriate for children from all faiths.

Accreditation by the American Camp Association (ACA) and two generations of family management/ownership (70+ years combined experience) gives campers and parents a highly supervised program.

Why Campers Love Us
It’s hard to put into words why campers love Camp Woodmont. Maybe it’s the tradition of waking up to the camp bugle every morning or sleeping out under the stars. Perhaps it’s the comfort of having a family-like atmosphere. For 40+ years children have called Camp Woodmont their ‘home away from home.’

We are a traditional overnight camp in every sense of the word. Our program is structured and the campers know what is scheduled, every day, every hour. No surprises. Knowing exactly what to expect makes a child feel safe and secure. And safe is good. That predictability, and associated comfort that comes along with it, is why children treasure traditions at Camp Woodmont.

Why Parents Love Us
Safety is a big deal at Camp Woodmont. Just ask our staff! We take every safety and health precaution possible to prevent illness and injuries. We have two full-time nurses all summer. In fact, an entire building was named after Nurse Pat, who’s volunteered for us the last decade!

Parents love that Camp Woodmont is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) for quality programs, safety standards and more! You can rest assured our camp meets the highest standards in the industry. Certified lifeguards and instructors in all activities are essentials in providing a safe camp experience.

But what about your child’s emotional safety at camp? Parents tend to be concerned about their child fitting in at camp and being well adjusted. We participate in a national program called, “Don’t Laugh at Me,” which promotes acceptance of all children regardless of physical characteristics. We do not allow any pranks, harassment, mean-spirited teasing, bullying or any other practice that would harm a child’s emotional well-being at camp. And that’s why kids feel safe and at home at Camp Woodmont.

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