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In a world where every second counts during a medical emergency, Felicia Jackson, a mother of three, took a stand to revolutionize the response to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Armed with 20 years of experience in the medical field, including a life-changing personal incident, she set out to create a game-changing solution - CPRWrap.

With a deep understanding of the challenges surrounding non-medical responders during sudden cardiac arrest, Felicia developed a simple-to-use product that could empower anyone, regardless of their level of training, to perform life-saving CPR until professional help arrives. CPRWrap Kits were meticulously designed with the aim of making emergency response accessible to all, no matter where they were in the world.

The heart of CPRWrap's innovation lies in its user-friendly features. The small, portable kit contains a one-way valve mouth barrier, ensuring protection from fluid contamination and drug residue during rescue breathing. Visual hand placements offer precise guidance for performing proper compressions, while straightforward CPR instructions, translatable into any language, allow for global usage.

For the creator of CPRWrap, her motivation was deeply personal. In 2002, during a terrifying choking incident involving her 2-year-old son, panic overcame her CPR training, but fortunately, her husband stepped in and saved their child's life. This life-changing event sparked a determination to create awareness around life-saving tools and techniques, particularly in situations where time and knowledge are critical.

With a strong commitment to proactive care, CPRWrap advocates for education and preparedness in the face of emergencies. Despite the need for more innovation surrounding sudden cardiac arrest, Felicia firmly believes that raising awareness and fostering a proactive mindset are essential components of saving lives. Tragically, minority and low-income communities often face limited access to life-saving tools and training, leading to a stark disparity in bystander CPR intervention rates. CPRWrap aims to bridge this gap and improve the survival rate from SCA globally.

Recognizing the immense challenge of penetrating the vast medical market, CPRWrap sought partnerships with distributors and resellers to expand their reach. Collaborations with key organizations like the National Safety Council in the U.S. and Aero Healthcare in Australia have enabled them to cover regions in these countries and beyond. However, their vision extends further, aiming to have a distributor in every State and every country worldwide.

With growing product awareness, CPRWrap aims to integrate its innovation into various markets, including schools, first aid and stop-the-bleed kit manufacturers, hospitals, airlines, and apothecaries. Their ambition knows no bounds as they strive to make CPRWrap an integral part of emergency preparedness across diverse sectors and communities.

As CPRWrap continues to unite communities in its mission to save lives globally, they stand as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Every person, regardless of their background or training, can become a hero in the face of sudden cardiac arrest. With CPRWrap in hand, lives are saved, families are protected, and the world becomes a safer place, one heartbeat at a time.

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