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Crossfit Kids Cool Springs

According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, accuracy means “freedom from mistake or error.” In sports, as in most things, that is an ideal only, but it is a constant athletic pursuit. To be accurate in sports requires excellent kinesthetic awareness and proprioception, that is, body control. Accuracy, like its neurologically based counterparts agility, balance, and coordination, allows us to control our bodies to accomplish specific tasks under working conditions, that is, on the field of play, on the job, under load, or in other kinetic situations. CrossFit Kids’ focus on mechanics first ensures that the skill of accuracy is trained all of the time in fundamental ways. In more direct terms, accuracy is practiced through a variety of exercises: Basic dot drill Balance beam traverses Double-unders Hurdle hops Precision jumps Vertical jumps with two-hand touches of a target Wall ball shots to a target

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