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Eckert Suzuki Music offers Early Childhood Music, Learn to Sing!, Piano, Violin, Voice
You want every advantage for your child, but it’s difficult to help your child become note-worthy. You know music lessons instill confidence and enhance academics, but you don’t know where to begin. By starting your child’s musical education at Eckert Suzuki Music (ESM) now, you can give them not only the ability to play an instrument masterfully, but also a love of music and the perseverance to achieve long-term goals.

When Beth Eckert’s daughters Elizabeth and Robin were young, she saw their natural interest in music but found that most teachers didn’t start students until age 6 or 7. By learning about the Suzuki Method herself, Beth nurtured her girls’ innate talent by starting them on instruments much earlier.

Elizabeth and Robin thrived in the Suzuki Method and earned college scholarships in music. As Beth and her daughters saw the success of the method in nurturing talent, they felt called to offer it to more families. Now ESM helps children reach their full potential in music and life.

In Early Childhood Music (18 mo. - 5 years), your child receives early exposure for musical growth and understanding. In Learn to Sing! (6+), your child thrives in a small group and learns the basics of healthy vocal technique. In our Private Lesson Program (4+), your child will get the best possible foundation for learning an instrument, start playing or singing with musical prowess, and develop an understanding of music that will continue to grow.

So now you’re at the point of decision. You know that enrollment at ESM will develop your child’s natural talent. If you are ready to help your child reach their full potential in music, call or visit our website.

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