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Grab Your Passport!

Campers 2-14 come and join us as we travel the world for six weeks virtually. This year we are traveling to the USA, Africa, Hawaii, Japan, Jamaica and Greece. As we travel the globe, campers will explore a different adventure with every activity centered around that particular country. Campers will dive into the world of "Arts"and be submerged within team building activities including those that are centered around sports. If that isn't enough take a look at our Speciality camps. We have camps like TIKTOK Reloaded, YOUTUBE Frenzy, NBA Hoops, Music, Acting, Robolox, Chess, Gymnastics, Project Runway, Dance, Cooking, Baby Shark, Disney, Cocomelon, Cheer and such much more.

This is our EduVillage Camp Pledge to every camper:

  • Share a community breakfast and lunch together every day of camp
  • Receive a carry-on backpack with a camp shirt, passport, passport notebook, and wristband
  • Be placed within a sorority or fraternity to do a community project for ages 5 and up. 2-4yrs will be placed into playdate clubs
  • Have an investment coach for ages 8 and up
  • Fun filled lessons centered around literacy and math daily
  • Speciality camps that are engaging and over the top

Nothing about this camp will resemble the typical school day! School is out so come and enjoy an inexpensive camp with our EduVillage Camp Instructors! Weekly Cost $150 for nonmembers and $100 for members.


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