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FRA offers a variety of summer programs that nurture and develop students' passions. Each summer, over 600 students from the greater Nashville area spend between one to six weeks on campus, enjoying thoughtful and engaging camp experiences for enrichment and fun. Whether you are looking for a sports camp, a full-day option for your preschooler, or an academic experience, we have something for everyone. Our goal is to deliver a positive and seamless experience for campers and their families.

New for 2021! For Kids Grades K - 3

FRA is pleased to host Tennessee’s first junior pickleball camp. The game with the funny name is the fastest growing sport in the US and a great way introduce your child(ren) to fun, athletic competition.

Pickleball is the ideal first sport for kids. The game is easier to play than tennis -- the racquet is shorter, the court smaller, and the ball slower. While combining elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton, children often have an early appreciable satisfaction with pickleball—greater contact with the ball, longer rallies, and the gratification of quickly excelling at a new sport.

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