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Hi! I’m Pam Snyder.

I became a Certified Sleep Consultant and parenting coach because I was completely committed to becoming the BEST version of myself, and in turn the best mama I could be. After going through this process myself, I knew I had to share what I had learned with others. I felt the deep calling to do this work.

Once I understood how possible it was to build a relationship with children based on mutual trust, understanding and care, I became deeply passionate about supporting other parents and families. I believe in the power of family, connection and being known. I want you to have the tools and skills to grow fruitful, God-honoring, families that live out the Gospel daily in your home.

I believe all children deserve to be guided and loved by the best version each of us have to offer them, as parents. God longs for all of us to know our worth, how loved we are, and live and grow in the freedom of the Gospel. He longs for families and homes to be spaces of love, trust and grace.

I know that parents long to be the best parents they possibly can, and I am here to provide you with the space and tools to be just that! To be all God created you to be!

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