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Leadership Academy Nature Day Camps


  • Camp Twigs Rau-Wood between Bellevue and Franklin with a West End shuttle
  • Camp Twigs Sanders Ferry in Hendersonville with an East Nashville shuttle
  • Mountain Bike Camp options in Madison and Antioch
  • Adventure Paddle Camp with drop-off in West End

Ages and Prices:

  • Camp Twigs ages 5-12, $385
  • Teen Leaders at Camp Twigs ages 13-15, $200
  • Adventure Paddle Camp ages 11-17, $485
  • Mountain Bike Camp 101 ages 9-17, $400
  • Mountain Bike Camp 202/303 ages 11-17, $450

At Leadership Academy, we believe in the power of play and exploration. Our dynamic summer camps promote outdoor adventures like kayaking, mountain biking, and nature exploration. We hope that your child will make connections that last a lifetime.

We prioritize children's autonomy, fostering social skills and confidence in a supportive environment. We aim to create a haven where kids enjoy summer while developing essential life skills and lasting connections. We are small camps with less than 40 campers each week at Camp Twigs and less than 20 each week at adventure camps.

We can't wait to get outside and play with your camper this summer!

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Call/text: (833) 244-3288

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