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Learning Lab is a premium provider of educational and personalized learning services in Middle Tennessee.  At the Learning Lab, we combine the expertise of professional educators and experienced educational psychologists to meet the personalized needs of our students and their families. Learning Lab offers expert tutoring in all academic subjects, specialized help for giftedness as well as for those with learning differences, preparation for standardized testing, study and organizational programs and support for those who are homeschooled. Because no two students have the same backgrounds, interests and learning styles, we view every student as a unique individual and address their learning and educational needs on a custom basis. Whatever a student’s personal goals may be, our purpose is in helping him/her to achieve those. We continually evaluate each student’s progress and provide regular and frequent feedback to the student and parents.  More than teaching the subject matter, we work to instill within our students the desire to learn, and we celebrate each student’s achievements. The Learning Lab experience is a transformative one.  Our students learn to take ownership of their education and build confidence in their abilities to achieve real success.  They become empowered to handle their current academic and social challenges, as well as those to come, and emerge with confidence in their futures.  


5500 Maryland Way #110, Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 377-2929


Green Hills

2000 Glen Echo Rd #208, Nashville, TN 37215 (615) 321-7272

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