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LearningRx of Franklin

Our one-on-one approach to cognitive training makes it Training the Brain with LearningRX - Franklin

Training the brain is no simple task. But with the right approach, anyone can improve the skills they need to become a stronger learner and thinker.

At LearningRx, we have spent more than 35 years researching, developing, and testing our cognitive training programs.

Our unique approach can help anyone train the brain’s core learning and thinking skills, including memory and attention. This approach can also help students address the root cause of learning difficulties and find help with reading, math, homework, and studying.

Want a closer look at how our approach works? Below, we’ll take a step-by-step look at how LearningRx can help you or your child with brain training.easy to find the right type of brain training for you or your child!

LearningRx offers cognition training for a wide range of learning and thinking skills, with online and in-person training options. We design a one-of-a-kind training plan for every learner, with plans available for kids, teens, adults, and individuals with learning differences.

Explore different types of cognitive training below, or contact your local LearningRx to get started on an individualized learning plan!


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