Mother's Milk Bank of Tennessee

(615) 933-8877
2201 Murphy Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee is a non-profit human milk bank dedicated to providing donated breast milk to premature infants. 
Without safe, natural breast milk, many premature infants could not survive. We serve Tennessee and the United States.

Why is human donor milk needed?

Decrease the incidence of life-threatening newborn infections.
Some mothers are unable to produce milk for their premature babies at first or permanently.

Why have a milk bank in Tennessee?

Presently, Tennessee Level III+ NICUs are obtaining donor human milk from other states.
Mothers in Tennessee who are willing to donate milk have to send it out of state.
Neighboring states have or are starting depots.

With much of the groundwork completed, now is the right time to begin a milk bank!

Incorporated in Tennessee in 2014.

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