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Mother’s Milk Bank of Tennessee

For medically fragile infants, breastmilk is more than a nutritional choice, it is a lifesaving intervention. Unfortunately, not all babies have access to breastmilk. With the support and service from mothers across our state, Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee provides safe, pasteurized donor human milk to the most vulnerable babies.

Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit milk bank dedicated to providing safe, pasteurized donor human milk to the most vulnerable babies. Natural, safe pasteurized human milk is needed because breastmilk has been shown to decrease the incidence of life-threatening newborn infections. Studies show the use of only human milk to feed preterm and low birth weight infants reduces mortality by 75%.

In 2022, Mothers’ Milk Bank of Tennessee approved 324 Tennessee moms to become milk donors which resulted in the collection of 180,700 ounces of breastmilk that was then filtered, mixed, bottled, pasteurized, and cultured before being distributed to the most fragile infants in neonatal intensive care units across Tennessee.

Our donors are healthy mothers who are in their first two years postpartum with extra milk to share. Many of our donors are exclusively pumping while others are collecting additional milk while nursing. To ensure the safety of pasteurized donor human milk, Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee follows screening, processing and dispensing guidelines established by theΒ Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

Our donors include mothers like Amanda who make the decision to become a donor after seeing the impact of donor milk on premature babies firsthand. Amanda’s donor story began when she gave birth to her daughter, Karisma at 32 weeks. Amanda understood the importance of breastfeeding. Unfortunately, Amanda experienced delayed lactation, which can be common for mothers who deliver preterm. Karisma received donor milk in the NICU until her mother’s milk came in. After 21 days in the NICU, Amanda was able to take her daughter home. Karisma thrived on her mothers’ milk. Amanda continued to pump and became a milk donor. Amanda felt it was important to give her extra milk to help other vulnerable babies.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit milk bank, Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee relies on financial supporters and volunteers to further advance our mission to provide safe, pasteurized donor human milk to medically fragile babies. Together, with the support and service of our milk donor moms, volunteers, and financial contributors, we are saving lives.


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