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If we are unable to gather on your child's birthday, choose our LIVE stream birthday parties! These allow your child to see all of his/her friends and keep birthdays exciting and fun! 35-40 minute science show based on our Fizz, Pop, Boom show, includes over a dozen awesome experiments, such as dry ice eruptions, bubbling potions, and explosions!

Spectacular Science Parties • Over 20 years in Middle TN! 

Looking for the perfect party idea for your son or daughter’s birthday? Our science parties and hands on activities are a great idea for your child’s next home party.

Nashville’s own Mr. Bond’s Science Guys fun and spectacular science birthday parties have been popular in Middle Tennessee for over 25 years.

We supply the fun and you supply the party place. All we need is a table, electricity and room for your party guests and our “Science Guys."

Book your Super Science Theme Party!

Spectacular Science Party – Hands-on science experiments like explosions, bubbling beaker, chemical reactions, dry ice, and more! 

Space & Rocketry Themed Party – Planets, Moon, Sun & Earth experiments are perfect for your future astronaut's Space Party! Guests learn about life on a space station, experience propulsion by making explosions, and how to dispose of astronaut waste.

Star Wars Themed Party – Looking for a fun party idea for your Star Wars fan? All the fun of the Spectacular Science Party PLUS light sabers, lasers, and a sound machine that lets the kids talk like Darth Vader. 

Explosions! Explosions! Explosions! – BIGGEST party! Just like the name says, our explosive experiments will have your guests saying it's the "best party ever!" For ages 6 and up.

Wizards Theme – Does your child love Harry Potter? Then they'll love our Wizard Science Party! Party guests will make troll boogers or their own snitch! 

Pre K Party – Tailored to your toddler! An attention getting show and lots of hands-on science fun for parents and kids to do together! Experiments include bubbles, dry ice, and balloons!

Slime Polymer Party – This party is perfect for those who like to get their hands dirty. Kids make multiple types of slime and learn about the power of polymers.

Hair Raising Electricity  – (Best for Fall or Spring) – The focus of this interactive program is all about electricity. Party guests will use this amazing current to light-up light bulbs, gently shock each other, make their hair stand up and of course do explosions!

Superheroes Party – The Science of Superheroes answering the question, “What's the science behind it all?” With experiments about more than a dozen superheroes as well as villains!

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