Mr. Bond's Science Guys

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Mr.Bond's Science Guys parties come to you! We do a dozen experiments, explosions, bubbling potions, chemical reactions in approximately one hour and it finishes with all the kids doing a hands on activity as a take home. The party is for any number of kids.  Favorite party favor experiments include; Make your own bouncy balls, DIY Slime, Silly Putty, and Flubber! You can also add a Rocket Launch or Make Your Own Cotton Candy!  Along with the original Spectacular Science Party we have even more fun party themes to choose from:

  • Space & Rocketry Themed Party 
  • Star Wars Themed Party 
  • Explosions! Explosions! Explosions!
  • Wizards Theme
  • Pre K Party
  • Slime Polymer Party 
  • Hair Raising Electricity 
  • Super Heroes Party
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