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Mr. Bond's Science Guys have devoted over 20 years to inspiring kids to love science via their inspirational hands-on demonstrations that Make Science Fun, Cool and Easy! Our science camps inspire a lifelong enthusiasm for science and learning and teach creative problem-solving skills, teamwork, and perseverance in a fun, kid friendly setting. Winter, Spring and Summer breaks allow for more comprehensive hands on science programs where kids ages 5-12 focus on one central science theme at each camp.

The Science Guys’ are also a favorite at special events including birthday parties, in-school field trips, assemblies, fairs and festivals, and library shows. Kids across Tennessee and the South have been inspired by their fun and educational camps, after school clubs, Scout programs and more. Anywhere there are children hungry for fun and learning, The Science Guys will be there to help!

Camps run June 1 - July 30

2021 Camp Themes:

  • Crazy Chemistry
  • Funky Physics
  • Engineering
  • Kitchen Chemistry
  • Kid Med
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