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  • Phone: (615) 972-0989
  • Website: newvisionsdojo.com
  • Camp Length: Full Day, Half Day, Class
  • Age Range: 2 - 4 years, 5 - 9 years, 10 - 18 years
New Visions Dojo

Build Basic Karate Skills & Burn Energy with our 8 Week Summer Karate Course!

Our 8 Week Summer Karate Course is the perfect introduction to karate training. Classes are tailored for each age and skill level so that students develop practical:

  1. Karate Techniques & Safety Strategies
  2. Physical & Mental Fitness Habits
  3. Lifelong Skills like Respect, Focus, & Self-Discipline

Students gain the Confidence and Awareness to make smart choices and create their best life!

Each Summer Course starts with a complimentary Evaluation Lesson to get acquainted, introduce karate training, and set a baseline for growth. Register here!

Year-Round Karate Training

New Visions Dojo offers exceptional karate training for kids (4+), teens, and adults. Our modern approach to traditional Wado-ryu karate creates strong, capable students who succeed on and off the mat. In addition to karate training, we offer weapons classes, Olympic-style sport karate athletics, and private lessons. Our professional instructors are actively training practitioners licensed internationally for technical merit and through SafeSport.

Classes are offered Monday-Thursday afternoons/evenings and Saturday mornings.

Ninjas (ages 4-6)

Ninjas classes use karate basics to actively teach motor skills, focus, and healthy social and fitness habits. Classes are energetic, focused, and fun, resulting in a positive classroom experience for younger children.

Kids (7-12)

Kids classes develop practical self defense skills and safety strategies to build confidence, strength and awareness. A balance of focused fun and accountability helps students gain the growth mindset needed to advance.

Teens (11-15)

Teens learn to develop themselves physically and mentally, manage their environment, and lead by example. Thoughtful instruction imparts practical skills to guide students as they navigate their world.

Adults (16+)

Adult training centers on applying the principles of traditional Wado karate in practical self defense, physical fitness, and personal development. As adult students mature in their training, they also find greater self-confidence, respect, and perseverance that betters life outside the dojo. 

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