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XYZ Wellness delivers wellness products and services to individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their wellness needs. Dr. Xyzedria Ensley, Ph.D., is the Chief Executive Officer and owner of XYZ Wellness. Dr. Ensley is a wife, mom, sister, counselor, and Wellness Life Coach. She has obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Counseling and Supervision. Dr. Ensley’s passion lies in helping people gain mental and emotional balance in their lives. Through life coaching, Dr. Ensley empowers and inspires transformation for those seeking guidance while navigating life’s changes, improving relationships and careers, developing life goals, or simply pursuing a meaningful, happy, and harmonious life.

As a mission, XYZ Wellness aims to improve the quality of life through holistic principles, practices, and products. XYZ Wellness offers a home product line to help provide motivation and tools to clients and customers. The home wellness product line was designed to help people embrace various forms of self-care. These products are made with the finest ingredients and feature aromas that soothe the soul.

Candles were formally a source of light, but they have become a form of aromatherapy due to their soothing, healing properties. When lit they offer a gentle glow that changes the scenery of the setting. The medley of scents used in the XYZ Wellness home products helps with destressing, unwinding, reducing toxins, relieving insomnia, helping ease anxiety, soothing the mind, and encouraging positive moods. Included in the line are Wellness Boxes for adults and children. From hand-poured soy candles to mood stabilizing room, linen, or pillow sprays, the XYZ Wellness product line adds the perfect ambiance to any atmosphere. Visit to place an order today!

Dr. Xyzeidria Ensley and the XYZ Wellness Team

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