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April 19, 2024

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Birthday Parties

Dive In to Birthday Parties!

Go to your child and have a talk about his upcoming birthday; finding out what he wants is everything!

Birthday parties have changed A LOT over the years and right now, we are in the midst of lots of trends and colorful party themes that kids are going berserk over.
    Before you send out the invites, know that the most important thing you can do before you plan your kids’ birthday party is to ask them what kind of party they want. The answer may surprise you and be a little simpler than you thought. Involve your kids in the party-planning process by letting them assist with the invites, choose the color scheme, venue and food. Simply ask, “What kind of party theme do you want this year” or “Which best friends do you want to invite?” Of course, you are the parent with your own limitations, so communicate that to them so they understand how far they can stretch.
    If you and your kiddo are at a loss for ideas, try adding in some of these fun and sweet birthday trends of 2023! They are sure to be a hit and will be the life of your party. 

Interactive Activities + Party Favors

Instead of throwing random favors in a bag, have kids interact together with a simple, fun activity or craft they can make-and-take home with them. Parents will love seeing their kids’ creations. If you need more assistance (it can get a little crazy depending on the amount of kids you invite) ask a couple close parent friends to stick around and help. 

Kiddie Mocktails 

Having kiddie mocktails and adult cocktails can add a nice touch to the party. Kids love to pretend and sip on “fancy” drinks. Kiddie beverages can be as simple as a Shirley Temple (Sprite, grenadine syrup, ice and maraschino cherries) or sparkling juice in a plastic, fancy cup. Adults can kick back a bit, too while they sip on their adult beverage and watch the kids play. 

Vibrant Colors

Ask your birthday kid what their favorite color is and let it pop! Rather than putting together a balloon arch, this year it’s about creating fun photo backdrops with flowers or colorful art and a matching food board. Encourage kids to gather together and snap a photo with the birthday kid for a nice memory. 

Selfie, Anyone? 

Speaking of photos, selfie booths are super fun and simple for the bigger kids! Thanks to social media, this is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Set up a booth with printed out props glued to popsicle sticks, a cool backdrop (Amazon has a ton!) and a Polaroid camera for instant prints. Add them to a photo book or let the kids take a photo home for a souvenir! If you like both ideas, it’s quite fun to take a photo of the photos then you can have a digital copy or print them out yourself. 


Animals, balloon artists, magicians and music all make for a great addition. The entertainment doesn’t have to last for the duration of the party, but it can compliment the party theme and be something the kids look forward to.

Keep it Classy

Classic party themes never get old. Unicorns, race cars, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and rainbows are all the rage and it has been for years. Safari and carnival themes are great for boy and girl parties with colors and options intriguing to all of the littles; construction zones, car racing themes, sports and hands-on activities for boys; and disco and rock star themes for girls are some fun ideas your kids may be excited about. Add a pinata to match the theme and that’s a wrap!

Birthday Parties: Current Themes


“Skating birthday parties seems to be groovy right now! I’m thinking the Little Mermaid and Miles Morales will be popular themes with the upcoming movies.”      Amber D. Horton


“We are doing a ‘3-I-E-I-O’ theme for my son’s 3rd birthday. I have a petting zoo scheduled to visit, too!” — Ashley Morgan Blomeke


“Last year was Dollywood-themed; this year she wants ‘Wednesday’-themed.”  — Laura Steinmann


“Campout parties for the warmer months. Love the ‘fiver’ birthday gift request. We did this for my daughter. We asked our guests to bring $5 in a card to put toward an axolotl and all its accessories our daughter is saving to buy.”
— Julie Calihan Tucker


“My teenager wanted a night party in the backyard with a glow theme. I’ve got to say, those kids acted like little kids all night long!” — Sharon Gray


“My kids have been asking for an Urban Air Trampoline Park birthday party. Who knows if that’s popular or not? I never think about things like that. We went on spring break to Gatlinburg and the kids were all about the arcade so they want an arcade party, too.” — Tara Mokren


“We have been skipping parties and doing little mini vacations. My kids said they would rather do this than spend a bunch on a party.”  — Angie Tucker


“After watching the movie, ‘Yes Day,’ on Netflix a few years ago, our daughter has been dying to do one. So, for her 10th birthday, that’s what we are doing! Obviously there will be a budget and a few rules.” Theresa Corbett Tyler


“My crafty girl wanted everybody to paint outside, so we started with that, stringing plastic up between trees. The kids got so involved!  Madeline Wahl


“Last year for my daughter’s 9th, we did a Pajamas Painting Party. All the kids arrived wearing pajamas and we painted pottery. This year, we did ‘Stranger Things,’ and since the show is set in the 80s (with some scenes at an arcade), we had the party at a local arcade.” — Shannon Holimon


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