Keeping up with stay-at-home learning ops, the Discovery Center at Murfree Spring is now sharing science experiment video segments on their Facebook page.
    "Do That Science" is the brainchild of partners John and Lucas, who between them have 25+ years of science communication experience. From the team's website,, John's bio says he's spent 12 years designing and developing educational programming for two science museums (unnamed) and more. Lucas spent 14 years in research and development in forensic and analytical testing. They launched Do That Science in February and enlist the help of their boys in their outside experiments.
    Six "Do That Science" episodes are currently available:

• Episode 1: "Sugar Snake"
• Episode 2: "Bottle Rockets"
• Episode 3: "Sugar Snake 2 (The Return)"
• Episode 4: "Air Powered"
• Episode 5: "Air Force Ones"
• Episode 6: "Whatsa Matter?"

In addition to making kid science videos, John and Lucas are available for conference speaking and other events. Learn more at their website, or by emailing them. follow the Discovery Center's Facebook page for postings of "Do That Science," too.