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August 12, 2022

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Dolly Parton & 4 Other Podcasts We Like Now

Tune out and tune in to a little bit of Americana with storytelling for your ears.

1. You Must Remember This
Explores the hidden side of Hollywood, delving deep into the unknown lives of Marilyn Monroe and others. Favorite episode: MARILYN MONROE: THE END

2. Dolly Parton's America
She may well be the world's most well-known living blonde. Dolly shares here about her explosive life. Favorite episodes: TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN TRANCE; DOLLITICS; THE ONLY ONE FOR ME, JOLENE.

3. Why Mommy Drinks
Comedienas/moms Betsy Stover and Amanda Allan chat each week with different guests about parenting moments that drove them to drink. Favorite episodes: JESSI KLEIN: IKEA DAYCARE; TARGET IS MY CHURCH; DRIVING IN CARS WITH KIDS.

4. Cocaine and Rhinestones
The title of this blog lets you know it's the real deal. Amazing details of country music stars that's now in archival form. Favorite episodes: Wynonna; Bobbie Gentry.

5. The Story Seeds
Kids ages 6 – 12 collaborate with storytellers to create stories.

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