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July 24, 2024

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“Farm to School” Now at Discovery School

The Farm to School program shows increasing interest as more and more Murfreesboro City Schools gain greenhouses to support it.

Due to the rise in interest in electronics, getting kids outdoors is especially relevant now more than ever. We all want our kids to know how plants grow and the importance of farming. Rather than implementing more technological programs, schools are rather interested in this program. Hence, the interest in the Farm to School program in local schools is growing. It’s quickly making its way into the city schools. The program provides a greenhouse for the school that allows the students to learn about the growing process. It also gives them access to healthy, local and regionally sourced foods. Educational opportunities such as school gardens, tower gardens, cooking lessons and farm field trips are available to the students, too.

What Schools Have Farm to School?

The newest greenhouse in Murfreesboro City School’s grant-funded Farm to School program is now at Discovery School.

β€œIn the days of digital media and electronics, it’s nice to see students excited about getting their hands a little dirty,” says Kristina Maddux, Discovery School Principal. β€œDiscovery School has several raised bed gardens located on our campus. The greenhouse is a wonderful addition to our program.”

Cason Lane Academy and Hobgood Elementary currently have working greenhouses. In addition, future greenhouse sites include Overall Creek, Northfield, Reeves-Rogers and Erma Siegel Elementary.

β€œFarm to School continues to grow in size, scope and enthusiasm in our schools,” says Meri-Leigh Smith, Coordinated School Health. β€œOur farmer educator works with teachers and students to enhance curriculum and experiential learning opportunities.”

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