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April 25, 2024

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First History Buff Bowl to Be Held in Brentwood

Modeled after the game show Jeopardy, five teams will compete in a “Battle of the Minds” to prove adults also know their American History.

The first History Buff Bowl will be held on Sunday, August 8 at Brentwood City Hall, located at 5211 Maryland Way, from 2 – 4 p.m. Modeled after the game show Jeopardy, five teams will compete in a “Battle of the Minds” to prove adults also know their American History. The free event is sponsored by the Brentwood Historic Commission. Community members are welcome to watch live, in-person or you can also view the show live on Facebook.

The Brentwood Historic Commission hosted the 11th Annual Battle of the Minds History Bowl in February for Williamson County High School students where Centennial High School won the top prize, followed by Ravenwood High in second and Nolensville in third. The August 8 competition will be the first attempt to bring adult members from civic groups to the competition.

The fast-paced Jeopardy-style game will test the team’s knowledge of American History, along with their reflexes as who can buzz in the quickest with the answer.  Anne Dunn, Brentwood City Commissioner and member of the Historic Commission says, “these team members are excellent examples of civic involvement. They are putting themselves in the “hot seat” to highlight the fine work of their clubs and show that history can be fun. We wish each of them good luck!”

Five groups have signed up to be a part of the inaugural History Buff Bowl including the Brentwood Morning Rotary, Brentwood Noon Rotary, Brentwood and Franklin Women’s Service Club, the Hillsboro-Brentwood Exchange Club and Friends of the Brentwood Library.

History Buff Bowl 2021 Team Members Include:

Brentwood Morning Rotary: Kirk Bednar, Vicki Sanford, Francene Kavin, Bob Jahr

Brentwood Noon Rotary: Keely Hall, Sarah Johnson, Michael Kaplan

Brentwood/Franklin Women’s Service Club: Julie Wooters, Betty Walton, Jan Huffman, Linda Mora

Hillsboro-Brentwood Exchange Club: Edith Johnston, Bonnie Mercante, Eddie Johnston

Friends of the Brentwood Library: Chuck Sherrill, Landon Woodruff, M.C. Sparks, Rhea Little, Paul Webb

The winning team will receive $100 for their respective club. The 2021 Brentwood Historic Commission History Buff Bowl is made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship by Andrews Transportation Group, Marla Richardson, with Parks Realty, Richland Real Estate Services, The Kaplan family, and Soy Bistro Restaurant.

To learn more about the Brentwood Historic Commission, please visit here.

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