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July 24, 2024

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First Look at BNA’s Renovated Grand Lobby

The terminal renovations are part of the $1.4 billion BNA Vision first phase.

Nashville International Airport (BNA) unveiled the new Grand Lobby in the completely renovated 200,000-square-foot space in the center of the terminal, including 24 TSA security screening lanes and multimedia digital and visual art.

A core component of the BNA Vision plan, the Grand Lobby is now officially open to the public, marking the return to a single terminal at Nashville International Airport.

“The new Grand Lobby dramatically changes the look, feel, and energy of the airport,” says Doug Kreulen, 9resident and CEO of Nashville International Airport. “We’ve more than doubled our security screening capacity to handle the region’s growth and popularity as a destination.”

The new Grand Lobby

BNA’s Grand Lobby features a roof canopy with a skylight reminiscent of an acoustic guitar when viewed from above. It also includes a pedestrian bridge that connects to the Grand Plaza, Terminal Parking Garage and BNA’s future hotel. Inside, travelers are greeted with a multimedia showcase through two large 12K resolution screens.

The lobby prominently features a five-story sculpture from artist Jacob Hashimoto called “The Unscalable Ramparts of Time,” an installation crafted with 8,000 paper kites suspended from fiber glass rods. Each side wall of the lobby showcases a 105-foot hanging garden by Garden on the Wall. The hanging garden uses moss, hydrangea, ferns and other flora found natively in Tennessee.

Upcoming Key BNA Vision project timelines

  • On-site Hilton Hotel and Terminal Garage – Late 2023
  • Satellite Concourse – Late 2023
  • International Arrivals Facility – Fall 2023

“The opening of the new on-airport Hilton Hotel and International Arrivals Facility later this year will mark the completion of our original BNA Vision plan, but we’re already looking beyond that given Nashville and Middle Tennessee’s unprecedented growth,” Kreulen added. “The next phase, which we’re calling New Horizon, is an additional $1.4 billion plan phased out over the next six years with completion in late 2028. That work is underway now, and we can’t wait to share our progress over the next few years.”

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