Maybe you'll be away from home during the holidays? If you're flying with little kids, we've got tips: • Generally, flying families with children younger than 2 are pre-boarded. • Most airlines — not all — allow you to bring your stroller to the door of the plane. Consider using a very compact collapsible stroller for toddlers. • Babies can cry or fuss during take off and landing because of cabin pressure hurting their ears. Feeding your baby during these times can help the flying experience. • Most airlines will warm up milk for you — ask for help with this before attendants get busy with cabin service. • Choose a window seat for privacy while breastfeeding. • If you need a plug for your pump or to charge a phone, many international airlines have in-seat sockets. Check with your airline first or bring along an external charging device. • You can take more than 100 ml of milk/water on board with you in order to feed your baby (baby food and milk is exempt from the 100 ml liquid rule). • Bring along a few toys for your baby if he's wakeful and needs entertaining. Good suggestions include a soft cloth book, stacking cups, a small and quiet interactive toy, a plush animal with buckles, zippers, etc. • Diaper-bag must-haves besides the usual: change of clothes for Baby, light blanket, burp cloths, bib, pacifiers, plastic bags. • Be prepared for the small changing tables on an airplane — it gets cramped in there. • Bring plenty of items to keep older kids occupied, but remember, no small pieces that can fall on the plane floor. • Most important tip of all for moms and dads: travel with a good attitude! Kids pick up on your stress, so just chill and give in to what's in front of you. Source: