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Fun Books to Inspire a Love of School

The new school year is about to begin and these books are sure to get your child all excited for the first day!

Bunny's Book Club Goes to School

by Annie Silvestro; illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss
Doubleday | $17.99 | Ages 3 – 7

Bunny learns that his book club buddy and human friend, Josie, is nervous about starting school. His idea was to surprise her at her school, but the situation gets a little complicated as he bumps into each of his other animal pals who then decide to come with him. Kids are sure to laugh at how the animals each get distracted by what they love most at the school as they search for Josie.

Sorry, Grown-Ups, You Can't Go to School!

by Christina Geist; illustrated by Tim Bowers
Random House | $17.99 | Ages 3 – 7

If you're child's nervous about school, turn it into something so fun that you can't wait to go to. That's what these parents do. They recall all the fun they had in school and want to go and play on the playground, show off their new backpacks, read stories, learn science experiments and more. It's a little bit of reverse psychology that gets kids eager to go to school.

Take Your Pet to School Day

by Linda Ashman; illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman
Random House | $17.99 | Ages 3 – 7

This rhyming book with colorful illustrations shows what happens when the school allows kids to bring a pet to school for one day only. Chaos everywhere. That's when the teachers realize animals don't belong in school. And, the kids will get a kick out of who actuall wrote the note that allowed the kids in school. It's a book that gives you the chance to teach kids how to act in school as the animals do the complete opposite.

All Are Welcome

by Alexandra Penfold; illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman
Random House | $17.99 | Ages 4 – 8

Here's a book that encourages kids not to worry about who they are when they go to school because "all are welcome here." No matter what your beliefs are, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, etc. You'll learn that everyone comes with stories, pencils, books and more, ready to learn all under one roof.

The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!

by Mo Willems
Hyperion | $16.99 | Ages 3 – 5

This new colorful book helps kids understand that even though they think they know everything, you still have to go to school. The teachers will like you and everything will be OK.

The King of Kindergarten

by Derrick Barnes; illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton
Penguin | $17.99 | Ages 3 – 6

This little one is ready to show kids how to start the first day of school. This book is filled with brightly-colored images that help inspire kids to ready themselves for the big day. It teaches them about all the new things waiting and all the new friends to meet. This book also uses big words that not only put emphasis on the subject, but add to a child's vocabulary.

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